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Poemas e textos sobre depressão, solidão, suicídio e morte, entre outras coisas. Não se assustem, este blog funciona como se fosse uma terapia. Não vou gastar grana com um charlatão só para ficar me ouvindo e dando conselhos inúteis.
Poems and texts about depression, loneliness, suicide and death, among other things. Do not get scared because this blog works as if it were therapy. I won't spend money to some charlatan guy just to be listening to me and giving me useless advice.

domingo, 11 de maio de 2014


I don't have my mother by my side
But I've been keeping her in my mind since she's gone...
I miss her a lot!
But I know if she were alive, she would be saying "Son, you must be strong!"
And I'm trying, mom, but it's so hard...
Neither you nor anyone knows what' going on my heart!
I should put an end to my miserable and pathetic life
Mom,I wish I were dead just like you...
But I don't have the guts to do what it takes
My days are grey with a pour of endless blues!
(by A. J. Rosário - 11/05/2014)
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